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What kind of stories can you expect from Todd and his friends? Read about the major episodes from Season one of Odd Todd!

Familiar Things (Pilot)

A heartwarming motherly-love story.

Featured Song:

"Althea's Song"

In a quiet cottage, Althea experiences the joys and stresses of raising Todd on her own. Through songs and memorable little moments together, Althea slowly convinces Todd to love the world he lives in.


An exciting story of passion and music.

Featured Song:


During a sleepover, Todd and Kathy discover a hidden city called The Underground. But their fun becomes a mission as they attempt to rekindle the spark between Kathy's older brother Charles the Werewolf, and Elora the Goddess.

I Will

An emotional story of kindness and trust.

Featured Song:

"I Will"


Todd and Zinnia discover a dark secret buried by Zinnia's own people. She comes to terms with this tragic revelation, while attempting to reconcile with a hardened warrior

named Luke; their history seemingly linked by war and hatred.

The Diary


A light-hearted story of new friendship.

Featured Song:

"Könige Der Welt"


When Todd takes off from a supermarket trip with Althea, he runs into teen popstar, Coal! Todd and Coal experience a day they'll never forget, all while Coal attempts to run from his stressful responsibilities as a popstar.

A story about accepting change.

Todd becomes infatuated with a diary written by two best friends, Alhan and Whirlwind, who documented their youthful

adventures in its pages. Determined to return the diary and meet his idols, Todd journeys to the mysterious kingdom of Sub-Zero, and learns important lessons about growing up.

Cave Adventure

A story of grief and healing.

Featured Song:

"The Cave Song"


Todd and Zinnia are determined to help Luke and Leia find an ancient artifact that belonged to their mother. However, an unexpected piece of history emerges within the cave walls, challenging the siblings to reopen old wounds and confront the truth to persevere.

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